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Project logo.

The FORENSOR project aims to develop a novel, ultra-low-power, intelligent, miniaturised, low-cost, wireless, autonomous sensor (“FORENSOR”) for evidence gathering. The combination of built-in intelligence with ultra-low power consumption will make this device a true breakthrough for combating crime.

FORENSOR is an EU Horizon 2020 funded project, under the grant agreement no: 653355. The project started on the 1st of September 2015 and will last for 36 months.

Further information about FORENSOR can be found on CORDIS, the European Commission’s primary public repository.


Full Title FORENsic evidence gathering autonomous senSOR
Grant Agreement No. 653355
Funding Scheme Innovation Action (IA)
Programme Horizon 2020
Start Date 01/09/2015
End Date 31/08/2018
Duration 36 months
Project Cost € 4.9 M (estimated eligible costs)
Project Funding € 4.0 M (grant amount)
Call Identifier H2020-FCT-2014
Topic Law enforcement capabilities topic 1: Develop novel monitoring systems and miniaturised sensors that improve Law Enforcement Agencies’ evidence- gathering abilities
Topic Identifier FCT-05-2014


FORENSOR Consortium

FORENSOR Consortium Partners’ countries.

The FORENSOR consortium consists of eleven partners coming from seven different European countries (Belgium, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Portugal and Spain):

  1. Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH), Greece
  2. JCP-Connect (JCP-C), France
  3. STMicroelectronics Srl (STM), Italy
  4. Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK), Italy
  5. Emza Visual Sense Ltd (EMZA), Israel
  6. Synelixis Solutions Ltd (SYN), Greece
  7. Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Belgium
  8. Almaviva Spa (ALMA), Italy
  9. Visionware – Sistemas de Informação SA (VIS), Portugal
  10. Policía Local de Valencia (PLV), Spain
  11. Polícia Judiciária / Ministério Da Justiça (PJ), Portugal

The consortium is perfectly balanced in terms of expertise, capacity and geographical dispersion and it is particularly suited for the multidisciplinary nature of the FORENSOR project; it brings cutting edge expertise from widely different areas. Consortium partners have complementary skills and can be grouped as follows: 2 industrial partners (STM, ALMA), 4 SMEs (JCP-C, EMZA, SYN, VIS), 3 academic / research partners (CERTH, FBK and VUB) and 2 LEAs / pilot users (PLV, PJ). The composition of the consortium enables smooth handling of four dimensions of work:

  • Optimal project results exploitation towards the design and creation of market ready products
  • Provision of a suitable testbed for the evaluation of FORENSOR solutions and technologies in real-life situations
  • Research excellence on several technical components of the FORENSOR framework
  • Legal and ethical compliance


Georgios Kioumourtzis
Georgios KioumourtzisDr
Dr. Georgios Kioumourtzis (Colonel Rtd) graduated from the Hellenic Military Academy as a Signal Officer in 1986 and extended his studies in the Telecommunications School for Signal Officers (1996) and the Hellenic Defence College (2002). In 2005 he received two Master Degrees (with excellence), one in Computer Science (track computer networks) and the second in Systems Engineering (track computer security) from the Naval Postgraduate School CA, USA. In 2010 he received his Ph.D. degree from the Computer Engineering and Informatics Department of Patras University (Greece). His key professional experience includes the direction of the SFOR NATO-led Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) & Electronic Warfare (EW) section in Bosnia & Herzegovina (2003), the Research Branch of the Hellenic Army General Staff/Signals Directorate (2005), the direction of the Coordination and Plans Branch (PCB) of the CIS Division at the JFC Naples (2006) and the direction of Bilateral and NATO cooperation section at the Hellenic Army General Staff/Special Forces Directorate (2010). Apart from his professional achievements he has been engaged as an assisting researcher at the Computer Technology Institute and Press “Diophantus”/Research Unit 6 for five years. He has published more than forty research papers, journals, and book chapters. He is also the author of a book for multimedia data transmission over best-effort networks. Dr. Georgios Kioumourtzis has a broad operational and staff experience at National and International level combined with high Academic education. Since 2012 he has been a research associate at the Center for Security Studies – KEMEA of the Hellenic Ministry of Interior.
Vagelis PapakonstantinouMr
Natal PradoMr
Natal PRADO, Superior Coordinator of Criminal Investigative, of Judiciary Police of Cape Verde, 24 years at the police, with several professional courses related to the criminal investigation and executive police leadership, he was Deputy Director for several years and presently as the director of the departments of intelligence and technological support of criminal investigation, he was honoured with four Merits of Order. He is also handling an academic bachelor in Police Sciences, and Post Graduated in Public Security, Management of Social Defence, Information and Conflict Mediation. He speaks Portuguese and English.
Georgios Stavritis
Georgios StavritisMr
Commander Georgios STAVRITIS (Hellenic Navy) was born in Athens Greece in 1970. He graduated from the Naval Academy in 1992, and he is a computer science engineer, holding a Master degree from NPS Monterey CA, USA (1999-2001). He is a Senior Researcher and an experienced officer in naval operations, both nationally and internationally (in EU CSDP and NATO). He was commander of patrol/gunboat HS KASOS (2006-2007) and he graduated from the French War College (Ecole Militaire) in 2010. He is specialized in maritime communications, works as deputy commander of the Centre for Automation of Combat Systems (2011 – currently), and is responsible for several national projects related to software for Command Control and Communication systems. Over the last 5 years, he has been actively involved in European Defense Agency Programme for Maritime Surveillance (MAR.SUR), in EU FP-7 Programme PERSEUS for Maritime Surveillance of Illegal Immigration, and currently he is involved in HORIZON 2020 programmes, namely POV EUCISE2020, RANGER, Hellenic and Cyprus CISE, MARISA all related to maritime surveillance for civilian and military purposes. He speaks fluently English, French and understands Spanish.
Giuliano Toppi
Giuliano ToppiMr
Giuliano Toppi works in the Municipal Police of Chiusi since year 1987 and he is Deputy Commander. His professional experience is enriched with the participation at various specialized course, furthermore in the years 2002 and 2003 he attended a training specific course in “Urban security and prevention culture” at the University of Siena. He coordinates the activities on the compliance with environmental regulation and the safeguard of the protected area of Lake Chiusi.




CERTH is one of the leading Greek institutions in the field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) with long experience in numerous European and national R&D projects.



JCP-Connect (previously known as JCP-Consult) is a French technology providing company (SME) that was founded in 2002 and is based in Rennes.



STMicroelectronics is one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies with net revenues of US$ 8.08 billion in 2013.



Fondazione Bruno Kessler is a private non-profit research centre working for the public interest.



EMZA is the recognized leader in visual sensors – devices that integrate camera and video processing, providing actionable, timely information and coupling top-end performance with cost effective installation and operation.



SYNELIXIS Solutions Ltd is a high-tech SME, that provides turnkey networking, security, control and automation solutions.



The Institute for European Studies at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB IES) is a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence and a policy think tank that focuses on the role of the European Union (EU) in an international setting.



ALMAVIVA is the most important Italian ICT system integrator, whose main customers are relevant public and private organizations, such as the most important Italian Ministries, among them the Ministry of Defence and Security, University, Education and Research, Health, etc, the Italian Railway Group of Companies (FSI) for which is the global ICT outsourcer since 1997, most important Banks and Local Public Administrations, including Tuscany and Lombardia Regions, Provincia Autonoma di Trento.



VisionWare is the leading Portuguese company in the domain of ICT security, with a strong customer base in the public & private sector, including industry, healthcare, education, finance, defense and police organizations.



The city of Valencia has a metropolitan area which reaches over 1.500.000 inhabitants. It is, in terms of population, the 3rd largest city in Spain. More than 1600 police officers form the Valencia Local Police.



Polícia Judiciária (PJ), the Portuguese Criminal Police, is a higher criminal police body under the Ministry of Justice, supervised by the Public Prosecution Authority.