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ID Title Issued Link
WP1: Project Management
D1.1 Project Management Manual September 2015 where do i buy Depakote
D1.2 Project Quality Assurance Manual September 2015 buy Depakote from canada
D1.3 Project Risk Management Plan November 2015 Confidential
D1.4 Data Management Plan November 2015 Depakote buy from uk
D1.5 SWOT Analysis February 2016 Confidential
D1.6 First Year Annual Report October 2016 Confidential
D1.7 Data Control Report February 2017 Confidential
D1.8 Second Year Annual Report September 2017 Confidential
WP2: Data Protection, Privacy, Ethical and Criminal Law (DaPPECL) Constrains
D2.1 Report on the Data Protection, Privacy, Ethical and Criminal Law (DaPPECL) Frameworks February 2016 buy generic Depakote online
D2.2 Framework for Impact Assessment of FORENSOR against DaPPECL Requirements May 2016 buy generic Depakote
D2.3 The Impact Assessment Report (restricted and public versions) August 2016 how to buy Depakote
D2.4 First Report on Monitoring of Observance of DaPPECL Requirements March 2017 Confidential
D2.5 Report on Potential Misuse Implications and Risk-mitigation Strategies February 2017 Confidential
D2.6 Report on Potential Dual Use Implications and Risk-mitigation Strategies August 2017 Confidential
WP3: Requirements, Specifications and System Architecture
D3.1 Use Case Analysis and User Scenarios February 2016 Confidential
D3.2 System Requirements and Architecture Design Document June 2016 Confidential
D3.3 System Requirements and Architecture Design Document – Final November 2016 Confidential
WP4: Ultra-low-power Vision Sensor Development
D4.1 I Vision Chip Tape-out June 2016 Confidential
D4.2 Report on the Design and Experimental Results of the 1st Vision Chip January 2017 Confidential
D4.3 II Vision Chip Tape-out August 2017 Confidential
WP5: Ultra-low-power Vision Algorithms
D5.1 Algorithms (Low- and High-level) Interim Report August 2016 Confidential
D5.2 Algorithms for High-level Scene Analysis and Event Detection, Preliminary Version February 2017 Confidential
D5.3 Embedded Low-level Algorithms May 2017 Confidential
D5.4 Final report on ultra-low-power vision algorithms November 2017 Confidential
WP6: FORENSOR Secure Communication Infrastructure
D6.1 Network Topology Design and Evidence Sharing Mechanisms November 2016 Confidential
D6.2 Security Measures, Implementation and Benchmarking – Initial December 2016 Confidential
D6.3 Routing Criteria, Protocol and Mechanism Specification, Implementation, Evaluation – Initial February 2017 Confidential
D6.4 Monitoring and Visualization February 2017 Confidential
D6.5 Security Measures, Implementation and Benchmarking – Final August 2017 Confidential
D6.6 Routing criteria, protocol and mechanism specification, implementation, evaluation – Final November 2017 Confidential
D6.7 Notification and control application October 2017 Confidential
WP7: System Integration and Validation
D7.1 Integration Strategy and Planning June 2016 Confidential
D7.2 FORENSOR Platform, 1st Release February 2017 Confidential
D7.3 FORENSOR platform, 2nd release November 2017 Confidential
WP8: Pilot Plans and Evaluation
D8.1 Report on Data Preparation and Acquisition Procedure February 2017 Confidential
D8.2 Pilots and Field Trials Planning February 2017 Confidential
WP9: Dissemination and Exploitation
D9.1 Project Website November 2015 how to buy Depakote from canada
D9.2 FORENSOR Market Analysis Report August 2016 Confidential
D9.3 FORENSOR Business Plan November 2016 Confidential
D9.4 Report on Dissemination Activities February 2017 how to buy Depakote online
D9.5 1st Workshop Report December 2017 buy Depakote in mexico
D9.6 Initial FORENSOR exploitation plans October 2017 Confidential