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February 2019

Intensive testing and evaluation of the FORENSOR final system

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The final release of the FORENSOR system (final platform) has been intensively tested during the last three months of the FORENSOR project (Dec. '18 - Feb. '19) in close cooperation with the project's External Advisory Board (EAB). The system was tested in different real-life scenarios to validate and evaluate its maturity. Project Pilot Phase II [...]

January 2019

Second FORENSOR Open Workshop in Valencia, Spain

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Our second Open Workshop, “FORENSOR Awareness Workshop”, took place on the 11th of January 2019 in Spain at the premises of Valencia Local Police with the aim of disseminating and validating the final release of the FORENSOR system (final platform). The workshop consisted of two parts: one more theoretical, that took place at Valencia Local Police’s premises, [...]

December 2017

First FORENSOR Open Workshop in Chiusi, Italy

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Our first Open Workshop, “FORENSOR - New technological frontiers for video surveillance”, took place on the 12th of December 2017 in Italy at the premises of Chiusi Municipality “Sala conferenze San Francesco”. The workshop was sponsored by the Mayor of the city of Chiusi, which is the Italian Pilot site of the FORENSOR project. Organizers of the event were [...]