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September 2018

FORENSOR ethics and data protection

By |2018-09-24T10:44:51+00:00September 24th, 2018|Opinion articles|

It is obvious that such a system as FORENSOR will have considerable impacts on societal values such as the right to privacy; therefore, the Research Group on Law, Science, Technology & Society (LSTS) from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) is assessing the potential impacts of FORENSOR on the relevant societal concerns throughout the project. During [...]

April 2017

Intelligent Visual Sensing for Security and Safety

By |2017-04-11T10:22:29+00:00April 11th, 2017|Opinion articles|

Smart, power efficient and low cost sensors are fundamental for IoT. Intelligence at the edge is an absolute must in order to determine what information should be passed up in the chain. Emza Visual Sense has analyzed deeply these challenges and developed extremely efficient machine vision algorithms that enable smart IoT visual sensors. Emza’s unique, [...]

Forensic situation in Portugal and how the FORENSOR System can help Policia Judiciaria

By |2017-04-11T09:01:54+00:00April 10th, 2017|Opinion articles|

As a criminal investigation police, and specifically as a unit of special surveillance operations, Policia Judiciaria (PJ) uses – for more than a decade now – video surveillance systems capable of automatic triggering, based on pixel level changes. As these systems are meant for criminal investigation surveillance, they are designed and built according to unique [...]

December 2016

How FORENSOR can help in actual Valencia Local Police forensic investigation cases

By |2017-04-07T11:12:41+00:00December 15th, 2016|Opinion articles|

Valencia Local Police has a Unit specialized in forensic investigation of crimes against road traffic safety. The investigation of crimes focuses on pursuing the motor vehicles’ and mopeds’ driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, reckless driving or speeding. The above-mentioned behaviors usually lead to traffic accidents, being one of the main causes of [...]

FORENSOR Communications Solution already being employed in the Industry

By |2017-04-07T11:12:41+00:00December 14th, 2016|Opinion articles|

FORENSOR hardware and software solution is being used by SYNELIXIS Ltd, the leader of the Communications work package in the project, in its commercial offering for Smart Agriculture, called SynField. FORENSOR is employing the SPIRIT1 transceiver, provided by ST Microelectronics (FORENSOR partner).  SPIRIT1 is a very low-power RF transceiver intended for RF wireless applications in [...]