February 2019

Intensive testing and evaluation of the FORENSOR final system

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The final release of the FORENSOR system (final platform) has been intensively tested during the last three months of the FORENSOR project (Dec. '18 - Feb. '19) in close cooperation with the project's External Advisory Board (EAB). The system was tested in different real-life scenarios to validate and evaluate its maturity. Project Pilot Phase II [...]

January 2019

Second FORENSOR Open Workshop in Valencia, Spain

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Our second Open Workshop, “FORENSOR Awareness Workshop”, took place on the 11th of January 2019 in Spain at the premises of Valencia Local Police with the aim of disseminating and validating the final release of the FORENSOR system (final platform). The workshop consisted of two parts: one more theoretical, that took place at Valencia Local Police’s premises, [...]

December 2018

First Pilot test of Pilot Phase II of the FORENSOR system took place in Chiusi, Italy

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The first Pilot test campaign of the 2nd test phase of the FORENSOR project has taken place in the town of Chiusi (Italy) on 3-4 December 2018. Main goal has been to verify the FORENSOR platform in its final configuration to prove its unique capability to autonomously monitor private houses against crime activities. In the [...]

FORENSOR at the Security Research Event 2018

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FORENSOR was exhibited at the Security Research Event (SRE 2018) that took place in Brussels in December 5th & 6th 2018. Under the topic "Making Europe a safer place: demonstrating the impact of EU-funded security research", SRE 2018 showed the advances related to research and innovation activities regarding security and how that contributes positively to [...]

FORENSOR at the 12th Meeting of the Community of Users on Secure, Safe, Resilient Societies

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The overall EU security policy framework covers many different sectors, which implies needs for coordination among various communities. To reduce the current fragmentation in security research and facilitate information exchanges among and between policy-makers, research, industry, practitioners and the general public, the European Commission - DG HOME organises a series of meetings of the Community [...]

November 2018

FORENSOR Issues Datasheet of its Final Vision Chip Release

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The FORENSOR project issued today the Datasheet of its final Vision Chip release (Vision Chip II, single release or VC C in short):   1/6-Inch VGA CMOS Event-Based Ultra Low-Power Vision Sensor Datasheet   The Datasheet presents key features and the main characteristics of the the final FORENSOR Vision Chip which can be used in [...]

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September 2018

June 2018

Save the Date: Security Research Event 2018 (SRE 2018) – 5th & 6th December

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The FORENSOR project has been proposed for participation in the exhibition area of the Security Research Event 2018 (SRE 2018). This event, jointly organised by the European Commission (EC) and the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology, will take place on 5th and 6th of December 2018 in Brussels, Belgium. Stay tuned with us [...]

February 2018

research*eu RESULTS MAGAZINE, the CORDIS Magazine, features FORENSOR

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research*eu RESULTS MAGAZINE, the Community Research and Development Information Service (CORDIS) Magazine, featured FORENSOR in its 69th issue (Feb. 2018) featuring "New Technologies for Fighting Crime". The article was published on 7 February 2018 following an interview of Mr Lazaros Gymnopoulos, taken by Mr  Thomas Bauwens. The article can be accessed online here: Smart sensor-based cameras [...]

December 2017

First FORENSOR Open Workshop in Chiusi, Italy

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Our first Open Workshop, “FORENSOR - New technological frontiers for video surveillance”, took place on the 12th of December 2017 in Italy at the premises of Chiusi Municipality “Sala conferenze San Francesco”. The workshop was sponsored by the Mayor of the city of Chiusi, which is the Italian Pilot site of the FORENSOR project. Organizers of the event were [...]

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