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April 2017

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At the end of March 2017, Grand Hotel Savoy in Florence welcomed the IV Plenary Meeting of FORENSOR. This was the first meeting after November 2016, when the project successfully passed the first review of the European Commission. During the two day event the progress, issues, future plans, and future action points for each project work package [...]

June 2016

February 2016

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On 9-11 Feb. 2016, in Athens (Greece), was held the second plenary meeting of FORENSOR. The first day of this meeting was a dedicated, deep technical meeting between partners CERTH, EMZA, and FBK. In this meeting the core technical partners of the project discussed the following aspects of the project: Software emulation of the FORENSOR optical [...]

November 2015

September 2015

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On 2-3 Sept. 2015, in Thessaloniki (Greece), was held the kick-off meeting of the EU funded project FORENSOR – funded under H2020-EU.3.7, call FCT-2014 – coordinated in Greece by the Centre for Research and Technology - Hellas (CERTH). The duration of the FORENSOR project will be 3 years. CERTH is responsible for the work-package on [...]

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