Roman Kaurson

About Roman Kaurson

Roman Kaurson has 14 years of project management experience and led a number R&D projects in the different ICT domains. Before joining JCP-C he obtained experience from industrial and research domain, worked in electronics company, where managed group of 13 engineers. Later he moved to Orbis Oy to Project Manager position where developed and set-up project management system and was responsible for R&D projects in RF, cable and machine vision. He coordinated several FP7 projects (e.g. FP7 ACCORDANCE STREP, FP7 GiantSteps STREP, FP7 FUSION CA, FP7 GameArch SA) and contributed to number of projects as a Partner (FP7 I-SEARCH, H2020 FORENSOR). He holds MSc degree in Telecommunications from Technical University of Tallinn, Estonia.

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