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José L. Diego is an expert evaluator for the European Commission within Horizon 2020 – Secure Societies. He began his career as a consultant at Deloitte, and nowadays is the Project Manager of the Valencia Local Police, as well as OSCE Liaison officer and trainer, International Lecturer and also Professor for a Master on Human Resources, for a Master in Criminology and for the Chiefs´ Police Academy. He has managed 23 EU projects (including 7 H2020-Secure Societies projects) in matters like R&D, domestic and gender-based violence, police mediation and training, community policing, forensics, youth offending, crime fighting, road traffic, police management, diversity, emergencies, environmental police, etc. He holds Degrees in Law and in Criminology and a Master in Human Resources Management as well.

July 2017

Third Pilot test of the FORENSOR system took place near València, Spain

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The third Pilot test of the FORENSOR system took place on July 4th, 5th and 6th, 2017, at the Albufera Natural Park near València, Spain. This event closes Pilot Phase I of the FORENSOR project which was conducted during May-July 2017, and tested and evaluated the first release of the FORENSOR platform. Two more Pilot tests [...]

March 2017

FORENSOR at the 20th European Police Congress

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Valencia Local Police (PLV) was one of the LEAs invited to speak at the 20th European Police Congress hosted in Berlin in February 21st and 22nd. The 20th European Police Congress, organised by the newspaper Behörden Spiegel, dealt with the topic “Europe – boundless? Liberty, mobility, security”. With its two-day main programme and more than [...]

December 2016

How FORENSOR can help in actual Valencia Local Police forensic investigation cases

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Valencia Local Police has a Unit specialized in forensic investigation of crimes against road traffic safety. The investigation of crimes focuses on pursuing the motor vehicles’ and mopeds’ driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, reckless driving or speeding. The above-mentioned behaviors usually lead to traffic accidents, being one of the main causes of [...]