The final release of the FORENSOR system (final platform) has been intensively tested during the last three months of the FORENSOR project (Dec. ’18 – Feb. ’19) in close cooperation with the project’s External Advisory Board (EAB). The system was tested in different real-life scenarios to validate and evaluate its maturity.

Project Pilot Phase II activities were conducted in three different countries: Italy (3-4 Dec. ‘18), Spain (10-11 Jan. ‘19) and Portugal (30 Jan. ‘19), while project Field Tests were conducted in Greece (4 Feb. ‘19), Cape Verde (12-13 Feb. ‘19) and Italy (19-20 Feb. ’19). A Project Pilot Phase I was preceded, in which the first release of the FORENSOR system has been tested (first platform).

The first pilot of Phase II took place in the town of Chiusi (Italy) in December 3rd & 4th, 2018. The main goal of the Chiusi pilot was to verify the FORENSOR platform in its final configuration to prove its unique capability to autonomously monitor private houses against crime activities.

The pilot in Valencia (Spain) took place in January 10th & 11th, 2019 in a remote location at the access road to El Palmar in the Albufera Natural Park. The use case focused on the detection of accidents or driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. Different events were successfully tested: a car passing by, zigzagging, stopping and a pedestrian walking, all of them under different light conditions.

The final pilot of Phase II took place near Lisbon (Portugal) on January 30th, 2019. The test was successful in general, despite some issues that occured due to heavy rain conditions.

Pilot Phase II was followed by a series of Field Tests (FT) where the system was tested in more ‘free’ manner and not limited to predefined use cases. Three such trials were performed during February 2019: in Athends (Greece), Cape Verde, and Chiusi (Italy). The Athens FT (4 Feb. ‘19) focused on the detection of events having to do with pedestrians. The Cape Verde FT (12-13 Feb. ‘19) was conducted with the support of Policia Judiciaria and focused on monitoring suspicious boat and ship movements at bay and suspicious people/ vehicle movements at the beach at night or during the day. Finaly, in the Chiusi FT the whole FORENSOR platform in its final configuration was tested in conditions not explicitly considered during system design. All three FT aimed at improving FORENSOR system functionality and pushing towards a complete and qualified system.