Our first Open Workshop, “FORENSOR – New technological frontiers for video surveillance”, took place on the 12th of December 2017 in Italy at the premises of Chiusi Municipality “Sala conferenze San Francesco”. The workshop was sponsored by the Mayor of the city of Chiusi, which is the Italian Pilot site of the FORENSOR project.

Organizers of the event were the Consortium Partners Almaviva and Polizia di Chiusi with the participation of the Partner ST Microelectronics.

Preceded by a workshop focused on scientific outcomes held in Lecce during July 2017, this was the first Workshop open to End-users. Audience targeted and invited was composed by representatives of 35 private and public Organizations to cover different areas impacted by FORENSOR technology and innovation.

FORENSOR Consortium was pleased to host numerous local private companies, Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs, i.e. Commissariati, Carabinieri, Vigili Urbani), local public administrations (aldermans and vice mayors) and governmental agencies (Genio Civile, Consorzio del Sentiero Bonifica Regione Toscana, etc.).

The following topics were presented during the event:

  • Overview of the FORENSOR project and its aims; innovation potential for fighting crime, underlying technology, challenges, current market offerings, and the particularities of FORENSOR.
  • Ethical, privacy and data protection aspects in the context of FORENSOR; approach followed for mitigating relevant risks during designing and developing the system.
  • Main FORENSOR features: overall architecture and main functionalities of the system.
  • Pilots and tests executed, and results obtained.
  • Live demo with the first prototype.

At the end of the relators’ speeches, End-users had the possibility to share opinions and suggestions, so they were led to fill out a questionnaire specifically created by the FORENSOR Consortium to collect LEA feedback. Workshop attendees demonstrated a great involvement and their contributions were fruitful allowing to gather in deep knowledge on daily activities and further needs. Useful considerations shared by End-users shed light on how to enhance FORENSOR features and better targeted user needs. Participants showed great interest for current system features of FORENSOR as well as for future developments. Although FORENSOR framework is still a prototype, to the great satisfaction of the FORENSOR Consortium, several Organisations expressed an interest in having it installed at their premises.

FORENSOR Partners agree that this is a big motivational push towards the deployment and exploitation activities that are to come.