On 10-11 July 2017, the small coastal city of Artemida in East Attica, Greece welcomed the fifth Plenary Meeting of FORENSOR. The meeting was held soon after the completion of Pilot Phase I of the FORENSOR project comprising of three Pilots that took place in Portugal, Italy, and Spain during May-July 2017.

During the two-day event the progress, issues, future plans, and future action points for each project work package were discussed separately and in depth. Emphasis was given to reports regarding the first project Pilots, issues regarding manufacturing of the second (out of three) Vision Chip release, as well as the progress of integration activities.

The FORENSOR Consortium was honoured to host a representative of the ARMOUR project, Mr Panagiotis Trakadas of SYN, who presented ARMOUR initiating a liaison between the two projects. Large-Scale Experiments of IoT Security & Trust (ARMOUR) is a project dealing with security certification issues that are of profound interest to FORENSOR. Mr Trakadas’s presentation was followed by a discussion on how the liaison between the two projects could be promoted further. As a next step, it was agreed that FORENSOR Partner STM will send a specific electronics board used in the project to FORENSOR and ARMOUR Partner SYN so that it can be used by the people of the ARMOUR project for security certification tests.