The second Pilot test of the FORENSOR system was conducted on June 14th and 15th, 2017, indoor at the headquarters of Police of Chiusi and outdoor in via Ferrer 33, Chiusi, Italy.

This event is part of Pilot Phase I of the FORENSOR project which is conducted during May-July 2017 and is testing and evaluating the first release of the FORENSOR platform. Two more Pilot tests are included within Pilot Phase I (one already conducted, in Lisbon, Portugal and another one to be conducted in Valencia, Spain). A second testing phase, Pilot Phase II, is also planned for the last year of the FORENSOR project in order to test and evaluate the final release of the FORENSOR platform.

In general, FORENSOR Pilot Phase I represents a precious opportunity to:

  • validate and test the various FORENSOR components under real operational conditions,
  • verify the ongoing integration effort, mainly based upon bilateral integrations under real operational conditions, and
  • acquaint the users with the technological developments and the evolving features of the FORENSOR platform.

In the Italian Pilot the consortium was represented by ALMA (Michela Grispini, Elisabetta Fantechi Becattini, Luca Cornali, Fabrizio Piantone). The Police of Chiusi provided logistical support.


During the pilot, the technicians tested various features of the FORENSOR system and captured many videos (of different trigger actions), with the 1st Vision Chip:

  • person standing for a certain amount of time and passing by the site;
  • vehicle stopping and passing by the site;
  • person climbing a gate and trying to enter through a window;

All these videos were made under different light conditions to verify the behavior of the algorithms with these inputs. In the evening, the location was lighted by street lamps.

Additionaly, the basic interconnection between two and concurrent nodes to the Gateway (GTW) was also tested under different conditions (range, obstructions, vegetation). At the control room the LEA officer could see the functionality of the Server-based Application (SBA) and the effect of the received alerts. This aspect of the system was much appreciated by the LEAs.

The main result of the Pilot in Chiusi was the evaluation of signal coverage of the communications between the nodes and the Gateway (GTW) and the positive feedback on the SBA.