Smart, power efficient and low cost sensors are fundamental for IoT. Intelligence at the edge is an absolute must in order to determine what information should be passed up in the chain. Emza Visual Sense has analyzed deeply these challenges and developed extremely efficient machine vision algorithms that enable smart IoT visual sensors. Emza’s unique, patented ultra-lean architectural and algorithmic approaches run on extremely thin microprocessors or embedded inside the pixels of CMOS sensors.

Embedding the visual detection algorithms into silicon converts IoT smart visual sensors into always-on devices, consuming under 1mW- a four orders of magnitude reduction in power consumption. This allows such sensors to operate for years with a small battery. The core elements of this technology are based on patented breakthroughs and were co-funded by a competitively assigned $5M EU grant under the project FORENSOR.

Emza’s visual sensors are used in connected homes, smart buildings and elderly institutions for security, safety and energy saving. They learn the regular activities and warn for irregularities. The sensors are effortless to install and provide only useful, timely information, while keeping the privacy of the house residents, since normal operation does NOT require video recording nor uploading sensitive data to “the cloud”.

Emza focuses on the highest spending segments of this $13B residential market and $8B assisted living PERS (Personal Emergency Response Systems) market through a unique, context aware, privacy respecting sensor. Emza’s algorithms and electronics support the most advanced video analytics, presenting extremely low rate of false alarms.