Valencia Local Police (PLV) was one of the LEAs invited to speak at the 20th European Police Congress hosted in Berlin in February 21st and 22nd.

The 20th European Police Congress, organised by the newspaper Behörden Spiegel, dealt with the topic “Europe – boundless? Liberty, mobility, security”. With its two-day main programme and more than 20 panel sessions, where numerous further strategic and technical topics were discussed, and about 1,600 national and international participants, the European Police Congress is Europe´s leading conference-fair on homeland security.

In this framework, PLV was invited to participate in the “Smart Policing” Panel session that took place in February 21st and which gathered an estimated audience of 400 participants, mainly LEAs and members of the Security Industry. Smart Policing implies the use of new technologies as a police strategy to facilitate the conflicts resolution as well as to enhance efficiency in the use of the police resources and a better detection and prevention of infringements. In that sense, FORENSOR was presented as an example of smart policing in Europe.