The FORENSOR project issued today a Report on Dissemination Activities of the project during its first half:


FORENSOR Deliverable D9.4 “Report on Dissemination Activities” (Work Package 9 – Dissemination and Exploitation)


The document gathers all dissemination and communication activities undertaken by the FORENSOR consortium from the beginning of the project, September 2015, until February 2018 (M1-M18). In these first eighteen months of the project the FORENSOR consortium has extensively worked towards the creation of a corporative image of the project, which includes a logo and templates; the creation and maintenance of the project’s website; the setting up of FORENSOR dissemination and communication strategy; the organization and participation in different dissemination events; the development of dissemination materials; the publication of scientific journal articles and conference presentations as well as the gathering of a list of stakeholders in order to engage them in the project from the very beginning.