On February 2nd and 3rd 2017, the research project TRILLION, funded by the European Commission under H2020, had its 6th General Assembly in Madrid, hosted by ATOS Spain SA, where all project partners discussed project progress as well as all other project issues.

TRILLION proposes an innovative socio-technical platform to foster effective collaboration between citizens and law-enforcement agencies. The envisaged platform will provide multiple channels for incident discovery, prediction, reporting and interaction. Citizens will have the choice of using existing social networks or directly reporting incidents via native mobile applications while law-enforcement agencies will be able to detect incidents more efficiently via information collected by the TRILLION platform, and used to detect and respond to unfolding security situations in real time. TRILLION follows a multi-disciplinary approach seeing social scientists, technology experts and law-enforcement agencies across Europe collaborating on the creation of technology while considering key ethical, legal and security issues affecting the development of the platform.

TRILLION and FORENSOR share the same goal – to provide innovative tools to law enforcement agencies and the society in general that will foster the protection of freedom and security of Europe and its citizens while at the same time observing strict compliance with legal and ethical standards with regards to the privacy of citizens.

During the 6th General Assembly of the TRILLION project, Mr Theodoros Semertzidis of CERTH (a partner involved in both projects) presented the FORENSOR project and had interesting interactions with TRILLION partners regarding the two projects,their connection as well as possible synergies or collaborative actions for the future.