Valencia Local Police has a Unit specialized in forensic investigation of crimes against road traffic safety. The investigation of crimes focuses on pursuing the motor vehicles’ and mopeds’ driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, reckless driving or speeding.

The above-mentioned behaviors usually lead to traffic accidents, being one of the main causes of these. In the year 2015, in Valencia there were 3,955 traffic accidents in which 225 people were seriously injured and 15 people died. Reducing this amount is one of the main challenges for the municipal authorities.


Since the Spanish Penal Code punishes traffic accidents in which the driving of motor vehicles and mopeds is carried out with serious recklessness and a person is seriously injured, it becomes necessary for the forensic investigator to know all the circumstances that involve the accident of traffic.

Video recordings of the scene of the crime will definitely help the investigatory staff to examine the driving type of the vehicles involved, the incident’s dynamics and the location of pedestrians when hit. They’re also used in order to determine the speed of the vehicles through mathematic formulations and allow studying the road when the incident happens. All this has the purpose to determine the main cause of the accident and the possible crime responsibility of the perpetrator.


Forensor can help to improve the forensic investigation in matter of Road Safety by placing it in those sites where there’re access difficulties or where the shortage in the installation of electric fluid does not allow the taking of photos of the facts to investigate. It can help by automatically detecting the parameters that activate the recording system and allowing the acquisition of images on illicit criminal conduct, which isn’t possible with the current system.