FORENSOR hardware and software solution is being used by SYNELIXIS Ltd, the leader of the Communications work package in the project, in its commercial offering for Smart Agriculture, called SynField.

FORENSOR is employing the SPIRIT1 transceiver, provided by ST Microelectronics (FORENSOR partner).  SPIRIT1 is a very low-power RF transceiver intended for RF wireless applications in the sub-1GHz band. Specifically in FORENSOR we use the ISM band of 868MHz in order to enable the communications among the Visual Sensor Nodes and the Server Based Application through a Gateway. The transceiver supports an embedded CSMA/CA engine, while an AES 128-bit encryption co-processor is also available for secure data transfer.

The FORENSOR communications requirements are quite complex and challenging in relation with those of a typical Wireless Sensor Network as the data exchanged among the Nodes and the Gateway is heavier than scalar values (it includes evidence images), strict restrictions are involved in the management of the evidence (in terms of integrity, confidentiality and timestamping) so that it can be used in court, and critical evidence should be characterized by increased availability (being replicated in at least two nodes).

On the other hand, the FORENSOR communications and the typical SynField deployments bear resemblance, worth considering. In both cases robust networks are needed, communicating with the outside world are performed through a Gateway and involve multi-hop communications. They both share the need for restricted and in case rationalized energy consumption and management. The communications infrastructure should be extendable to different distances and the system should be adjustable to different power levels. The system must be able to support reliability and robustness in cases the communications are hindered by external factors (interference), large distance and lack of power. The communication between the nodes and the gateway (or between nodes) must implement error control mechanisms targeting at energy efficiency and low overhead.

In SynField, the nodes communicate with SYNELIXIS Cloud Server through a Gateway, in order to retrieve measurements and control the automation systems. SynField nodes come, in their basic version, with a high accuracy and wide range soil moisture and ambient temperature wired sensors. They can be augmented with leaf wetness, soil electrical conductivity, wind sensor, wireless temperature sensors and wireless solar radiation sensors.

The cloud-based server gathers the sensor data, statistically processes them and executes user-defined rules for controlling the irrigation and other systems through a simple yet powerful user interface. SynField can store large volumes of sensed data and events (e.g. irrigation turn-ON and OFF events), supports multiple croplands per farmer or agriculturist and an almost infinite number of independent programs with dozens of set points.

SynField node includes the STM SPIRIT1 transceiver, as packaged in the IQRF solution and the first version of the FORENSOR communications system software in order to cover the needs of Smart Agriculture deployment.

Synelixis Solutions has installed SynField nodes in Greece, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany and India.