The FORENSOR project issued today an Impact Assessment Report, with regards to Data Protection, Privacy, Ethical and Criminal Law (DaPPECL) requirements:


FORENSOR Deliverable D2.3 “The Impact Assessment Report (restricted and public versions)” (Work Package 2 – Data Protection, Privacy, Ethical and Criminal Law (DaPPECL) Constrains)


The document offers a comprehensive assessment of the impacts of the FORENSOR system (and of the components thereof) on data protection, privacy, ethics and criminal admissibility. The report covers both the project lifetime as well as the project afterlife, considering the effects of FORENSOR as a commercial system on the individual.
The version of the document offered here (through the website) is an abridged version of the full (original) document, since the later contains information that the project’s partners consider confidential due to its technical and/or commercial nature. In this abridged version, text of the original document that has been removed is marked

[Confidential], while in certain situations, in order to make the abridged version meaningful, the removed text has been summarised; these sections are marked [Public summary].