FORENSOR participated in the SmartPrevent concluding conference which took place in Las Rozas de Madrid (Spain) on the 26th of April 2016.

Smart Video-Surveillance System to Detect and Prevent Local Crimes in Urban Areas (SmartPrevent) is an EU FP7 research project that aimed to enhance detection and prevention of crimes in local urban areas by exploiting the full potential of video-surveillance systems.

More than 50 participants attended the conference, mainly delegates from Spanish end-users as well as other partners of EU projects like LASIE, SmartPrevent, P-REACT and ADDPRIV.

On behalf of FORENSOR, Mr. José Luís Diego (Project Manager of partner PLV) presented an overview of the project including project concept and objectives, envisioned key product features, initial system architecture, project Use Cases and Field Tests, and project positioning. Mr. Diego also answered questions of the attendees and discussed various project aspects.