On 9-11 Feb. 2016, in Athens (Greece), was held the second plenary meeting of FORENSOR.

The first day of this meeting was a dedicated, deep technical meeting between partners CERTH, EMZA, and FBK. In this meeting the core technical partners of the project discussed the following aspects of the project:

  • Software emulation of the FORENSOR optical sensor. The novel FORENSOR optical sensor is under development and its manufacturing will take some more time. For this reason, the FORENSOR consortium assigned to EMZA the development of a provisional software emulator of the sensor, in order for the rest of the partners to be able to work on their low- and high-level algorithms unhindered. The aforementioned emulator was demonstrated in this meeting.
  • Sensor design/ Chip design. Discussion took place regarding the various types of processing that will be taking place inside the chip.
  • Interfaces. The parameters and outputs that should define the interfaces were discussed in detail.

On the second day of this meeting the FORENSOR consortium welcomed the project’s External Advisory Board (EAB). The formation of the EAB into a body took place in the morning and was followed by the first physical meeting of the EAB members, chaired by the Project Technical Manager (Dr Petros Daras). The EAB members were introduced to the FORENSOR plenary and later on, the final FORENSOR Use Cases and Field Tests have been presented to the EAB members. Right after this presentation the EAB members provided valuable feedback to the consortium during a long but fruitful discussion that took place. Finally, the progress, issues, and future plans of WPs 9, 2, and 8 were presented.

The third and final day of the Athens meeting was dedicated to the presentation of the progress, issues, and future plans for the rest of the project WPs.